Sunday, May 25, 2014

5-25-14 Gaoxiong Sunday

We were invited by the new bishop of the Sanmin Ward to come down to Gaoxiong and speak in sacrament meeting. He offered to pick us up from the HSR, arranged for us to speak in the Yuanshan and Fengshan wards as well, invited us to his home for lunch, and put us back on the HSR homeward bound. He couldn't have made it easier, so off we went! 
We were able see our recent converts in the Yuanshan ward. As well, it was the last Sunday in the area for the elder who taught them. He had seen so many miracles in that ward, that it was difficult for him to adequately express the love he had for the members in Yuanshan.
As well, it was the last Sunday for a sister training leader serving in Sanmin, not only in the area, but of her mission. She too expressed her love for missionary work, and for the miraculous way in which the gospel changes lives. She was so grateful for Elder Nielson's invitations to hasten the work of salvation, for she had seen the power of prayer help people progress in the gospel and give them a new life.

Entrance to the bishop's home:
 Feeding all the missionaries is not an easy task!
 Wow, I found a new favorite: yummy handmade wintermelon pies!
 Meimei demonstrated her hair styling techniques:
 She had lots of volunteers:

 This sister training leader's last Sunday as a missionary:(

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