Tuesday, May 27, 2014

5-28-14 Departing Missionaries

Together for a last dinner in the mission home:)
 Farewell fireside:

 On our way to the Taipei temple:
Taipei Temple Trip:
 Coming to pick up their daughters:

And sisters:
The assistants sacrificed their seats on the bus to the temple the past two weeks so more missionaries could attend. We appreciated their willingness to drive our returning missionaries to Taipei, and welcomed their joining us:

Farewell at the airport...
...accompanied by two more returning home for medical reasons that we hope will come back soon!
We love them all SO much!

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  1. I cannot believe all these amazing missionaries are gone home! I remember when each of them began their missions and I served with the majority of them. In fact, Elder Chia is the last from my group of missionaries to go home. Its an ending of an era for me. Thanks for always posting on the blog Sis. Blickenstaff! I love keeping up with the mission =)