Saturday, May 31, 2014

May 2014 Visitors to the Taichung Mission

Parents coming to visit their family in Taiwan stop by the mission home for dinner:
 It's a special honor to be able to meet their Taiwanese relatives:
 We love it when missionaries come back from the states to visit us! One of our beloved APs:
 It's a little easier when they return from local areas like Hsinchu, we love seeing them more often:
Being treated to dinner by our current AP's family in Taoyuan: 
What a treat to be able to meet our missionary's brother and girlfriend!
We received a very special visit from our MTC tutor, Mitch Petters, on President's right. Mitch tutored us in Mandarin and Preach My Gospel for eight months prior to our departure to Taiwan.   He prepared us thoroughly and gave us the confidence we needed upon arrival. He and his friend are in China for an internship in manufacturing engineering. Both have served missions in Taichung and are currently studying at BYU. Welcome back friends!

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