Wednesday, May 14, 2014

New Converts Establishing the Church!

One of the greatest miracles is to see new converts put down firm roots in the gospel, then go forth to declare the word and bring others unto Christ! 
This convert of three years (next to me) has been serving in Taipei for about six months. I happened to meet him while attending the temple, and he asked me if I ever made house calls. I will be paying a visit to his non-member family in the near future!
On Mother's Day, I received an email from an elder in the Provo MTC! It was sent by this recent convert of two years who is preparing to serve in the...
 Australia Sydney Mission!
When a member of our Chiayi mission district departs for his/her mission, President has the privilege of setting them apart. This recent convert was baptized a little over a year ago, and is now called to serve in the...
Canada Edmonton Mission!
We look forward to seeing these missionaries again when they return in two years:)

A few months after baptizing his friend, this member (on the left) received his call to serve in the Taiwan Taichung Mission. Less than a year later, the new convert (on the right) received his call to the same mission!!!
How wonderful to be laboring together to establish the Lord's kingdom on earth!

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