Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Farewell to our Office Couple...

We don't know how we will get along without Sister D's ever-present smile and Elder D's witty humor, but we will have to:( We enjoyed a farewell dinner with them at one of their favorite restaurants, Little Italy. James, whom they grew to love as he often serenaded them, will miss them too!
 They have served faithfully in the office for eighteen months, keeping the mission afloat and running smoothly.
 Their faith and Christlike charity is an example to us all. 
We will miss you dearly, but we know your family is so excited to welcome you home!

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  1. We got to meet these two incredible people in all places Hawaii! They on their way home (slowly) and Ty Forbes and family vacationing. How wonderful to know Ty loved these two as his home away from home parents. Thanks for all you have done for Taichung Taiwan Mission Family!