Monday, May 16, 2016

2016 May Visitors

May 16
Friends from Chiayi:
Charly's Mother's Day flowers filled the home with a heavenly scent!
Love to see recent converts!
 May 14
Third trip back for this sister missionary who was in our first group to return home!
What a blessing to see recent converts and local returned missionaries often. Only for another month:(((
 Returned from serving in the Canada Edmonton Mission! Loving parents picking up this elder:)
 Returning with her husband and family! 
Wow, BLAST from the past: 
President met her mother and, with his best friend, spent a night at her home when he was in high school!
A surprise Mother's Day visitor from Hawaii attending a BYU Management Society seminar!
May 8
We work so closely with President's assistants, and are so happy when they come back to visit!
May 6

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