Saturday, May 28, 2016

5-28-16 60th Anniversary Celebration of Missionary Work in Taiwan - Taipei

With a limited amount of tickets for the afternoon session, we took our northernmost native missionaries and their companions to attend the devotional in Taipei. All other missionaries were invited to view a live broadcast of the morning session at their stake centers across the mission.
 Several members of the Magong branch and Kinmen group also flew over to Taiwan to attend the temple as well as the devotional:
While we were en route to the afternoon session, President was speaking at the morning session. Our good brother from Kinmen tried connect to the live broadcast on his cell phone. When he was finally able to view the proceedings, the speaker concluded his talk, sat down, and President Blickenstaff spoke next:) What a tender mercy it was for me to hear President deliver his address live! Afterwards, a brief flag ceremony was held, wherein Asia Area President Elder Randy D. Funk passed the first anniversary flag to President Blickenstaff serving in the Taichung mission and the second flag to a stake president serving in Taipei. After all full-time missionaries were asked to stand, all church members were asked to stand. Then President Blickenstaff passed his flag to a missionary, and the Taipei stake president passed his flag to a ward mission leader, depicting the future of missionary work in Taiwan: missionaries and members working together to hasten the work of salvation!
President celebrating the 40th anniversary of his Taipei mission, together with a former companion:
Lots of selfies while waiting for the afternoon session to start:

 President joins us for a group photo between sessions:
The afternoon session was equally as inspiring! 
Elder Weldon Kitchen, visiting with his wife, shared several of his experiences as one of the first four missionaries to serve in Taiwan, arriving to the island from Hong Kong in 1956. 
Another missionary that President Blickenstaff served with 40 years ago talked about his first day on island 
Elder Guan, Asia Area Seventy
The Northern Taiwan Choir was amazing! Their voices were in such perfect harmony it was as if you were listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir! Several of our returned missionaries were members:

And one of our returned missionary's mother even:
 So wonderful to meet our missionary's families:

Our sister missionary below spoke during the afternoon session and talked about her parent's dedication to serving the Lord. She sees the same kind of devotion from the members in the wards that she serves in, and has come to realize that all service to the Lord has eternal consequences. Regardless if you can see the outcome or not, the Lord knows every detail:)
 Kaohsiung stake president conducted the meeting:
 We are so grateful to be able to see our Kinmen friends one last time before we leave!
 Our Taiwanese returned missionaries will be holding a reunion in Taipei on June 18!

For over two years, President worked closely with the former president of the Tainan Stake. It was great to see him again. Being a physician, he has helped me time and time again to watch over our sick missionaries in Tainan! So grateful for his service!

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