Wednesday, May 11, 2016

5-11-16 New Arriving Missionaries!

They've arrived safe and sound!
We are so grateful for parents who raise up righteous children to the Lord:
Getting back before 10pm gives these missionaries a good night's rest before they're up to exercise, 
if they're able to overcome the jet lag, that is!
(Can you spot me in this picture?)
Ready, set, GO! Running one mile to clock your best:
Time for a few yoga stretches:
And President leading them in Buddha Claps:
Breakfast at the mission home! Bring on the summer fruit!!!
Orientation by our new office couple! Their first crack at it...and they did a fantastic job!
New Mission Recorder as well:
After lunch, bike companies come to instruct on how to fit your bike to your physique,
as well as bike safety:
How to properly shift gears:
Front and rear chain ring instruction:
Safety precautions on braking and shifting:
Afterwards, each missionary was fitted to their individual bike:)
New Assistant participating in training:
After instruction on contacting, Assistants conduct a demonstration:
Starting with the icebreaker, teaching a principle of the gospel, and ending with an invitation:
Now it's time to practice!

After contacting on their walk to dinner, they've built up an appetite!
Now it's time for the duck brain challenge.
Some like to make faces:
Others can't stand the sight:
Or the thought!
Some actually look forward to something different...
And of course they all want their picture on the blog!
Now time for the fish eye challenge:
No problem!
Looking pretty sliiiiimy!
After their Dan Jones experience, sharing what they've learned:

Another night early to bed, and early to rise.
I learned something new today: dynamic stretches! Not so sure I liked them, haha!
I think I prefer sitting down to stretch...
And holding for 10 seconds...over lunges and grapevines!
Off to the stairs! Half the group on one side of the stadium:
The other half in the sun, no fair!
Finishing off with some more yoga stretches:

After a morning of personal study, PMG training, and an orientation to the First 12 Weeks,
our new missionaries met their trainers! Then it was out to lunch:

Closing orientation with the mission song:
Let's see how many pics President can sneak his way into:
There he is again:
Oh brother!
He must be getting trunky!
And they're off to their first area!


  1. Thanks so much for the pictures! I love seeing the adventures of my missionary!

  2. It is wonderful to be a part of these first days. Thank you so much!

  3. The pictures were so funny! Thanks for this blog, it has literally saved me from a heart attack over worrying for my missionary. I love it!! Please keep it up! Can you give me an official email to discuss some health concerns that are maybe getting in the way of my missionary? I'll only use this for emergency. I had a direct link from a letter I photographed; but, I have since lost my phone and that information as well. Thank you MomRindlisbacher

  4. Thank you so much for capturing these first memories of Taiwan for our missionaries and sharing with their families. They are priceless for us!