Wednesday, May 18, 2016

5-18-16 Departing Missionaries

Last supper at the mission home:)
Fireside together to discuss transitioning home:
And most importantly sharing our testimonies one last time together as set apart missionaries!
Such a great group of strong missionaries and leaders:
Bus ride to the temple the next morning:
So sweet to see her family waiting for her at the temple!

Love to see returned missionaries!
Our APs were in the MTC together with these Taipei missionaries!
Another returned missionary coming to say goodbye to her "daughter"!
Love to see parents of our missionaries at the temple!
Come back from America with his parents to visit his mission!
President officiated the endowment session today with one our returned missionaries:) 
It has been about 15 years since the last time, good thing she was there to prompt him!
Lunch at patron housing:

Ok, get ready for the SELFIES...I have the greatest night market selfie stick ever!

With our new office couple, we took these departing missionaries around Taipei together
so they could learn the ropes.
Chiang Kai Shek Memorial:

On the MRT to...
Elephant Mountain!
Up a thousand stairs at least!
What a view!
Yeah, the rock was not easy to get up in a dress...
But worth it!
Such sweet sisters:)
Fun pics!
This is worth downloading and viewing full size!

This poor elder's camera broke, so I took all his pictures:
Elder Rock in Rock Garden:

Sisters wanted a pic together...
of course the Elders followed.
Well we want one too!
Night market madness!
I've been looking forward to this treat all week!
The Japanese salad dressing is KILLER!
I ate the whole thing, it was SOOOOOO good!
We will miss you all, but have lots of memories of good times!

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