Tuesday, May 3, 2016

5-3-16 Zone Training Meeting - Taichung West Zone

Zone leaders welcoming zone members and making some announcements. All missionaries in the Taichung Mission will now be teaching male and/or female investigators, as is done in the majority of missions across the world. Missionaries will also be able to use their camera's video features.
 Returning missionary reflections:

 Zone leader instruction on finding new investigators: what holds you back when contacting?
  • Foreign missionaries: We don't understand...sometimes we don’t understand them, sometimes they don’t understand us!
  • Taiwanese missionaries: We understand too much!
  • When approaching a group, it's difficult to focus on a single individual
  • We get too busy/rushed with something else, and don't prioritize contacting
  • We see foreigners and we only want to contact Taiwanese people!
Now some balloon fun! First blow it up...
 then tie a knot!

 MP: I tie knots for a living, I'm supposed to be good at this!
 Now write your fears and apprehensions about contacting on the balloon, then pop them away!
 A demonstration of contacting on the way to an appointment:
 Who did he talk to along the way? No one, he was too rushed to talk to a single person!
 This is better, finding along the way:
 Then sharing a know-feel-do lesson with your investigator:
 Time for practice:

 Sister Training Leader Instruction: How do you show your love for the Lord?
Through keeping the commandments! 
The Lord gives us commandments so that as we keep them, it may turn to us for our salvation. 
D&C 82:8-9
 The Taichung West Zone
 District leader meeting:
 We love our short term missionaries!

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