Tuesday, May 31, 2016

5-31-16 ZTM Jiayi

In looking for the last picture on this post, I realized that this ZTM post never made it to the blog. 
So here it is...glory days are back!

Zone leaders opening the meeting:
 What can we do to help investigators have a relationship with God?
 What can we do to prepare our investigators?
 Prepare an inspired plan and then practice the plan!

 Sister Training Leaders: How can puzzles help us learn about goal setting?
 Putting together a puzzle without knowing what the picture look like...
 ...is hard!
 But when you have the end in mind (a goal, or a plan)...
you can unitedly, as a companionship, progress towards your accomplishing your goals.
 Let's try a second time:
 Much easier!

 Well almost!
 Practicing planning:

 STLs invitations:
1) Use the 13 steps every day during planning
2) Before leaving, review the plans you made the night before and make adjustments as needed.

 Zone Leader invitations:
Pray with faith as you plan with faith!
Study True to the Faith and Bible Dictionary sections on "Prayer"
 Already applying what they've learned even before departing back to their area!

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