Wednesday, May 18, 2016

5-2016 Taipei Temple Trips

On May 11, Zhongxing and Taichung West Zones
This sweet Australian sister was my tutor while in America preparing. 
Now she is picking up her daughter who just completed her mission in Singapore, and visiting family!

 Bus ride home:

 Two great jokes from this elder!
1) What do you call a crocodile who is interested in the Church?
2) Which is the WORST of all the super heroes?
See below for answer!
 1) an investiGATOR!
2) 失敗的 man! (try Google Translate)

On May 18, the Taichung South and West Zones:
 This sister is a friend of this elder's grandmother:)
 Bus ride home:

 Such great days filled with the spirit!

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