Monday, May 30, 2016

5-30-16 Last P-day with Big Bertha!

I found this set of photos that never got posted:

We rode our last tandem bike ride through the mountains above Taiping on our tandem roadie nicknamed "Big Bertha" by our APs. Afterwards, President spent several hours taking her apart and packing her away to be sent back to America by boat. Since then, President has said to me at least a half dozen times, "I need to get the tandem put together so we can take a ride together!" Amen to still hasn't happened!
The elder on the left just came home last week, 
and the elder on the right will be getting married this September! 
Oh man, what I'd give for a peanut butter Freenburger!
 Happy Birthday surprise!
Another year and birthday later...welcome home, Elder!

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