Sunday, May 22, 2016

5-22-16 Magong Branch Conference and P-day

President conducting instruction on Sabbath observance during the third hour:
 Being instructed by the Brethren:
 Magong Branch:
 Mission and branch presidency:
 Our Magong elders and their investigators! These two lovely sisters are getting baptized this week!
 Magong Branch president's family:
 A recent convert from Taipei here in Magong to work for the summer:
 Love to see our faith young investigator who is still looking forward to his baptism upon parental consent:
 The former branch president, returned from serving a mission in Taipei,
back to the island and baking his delicious bread: cinnamon mango cranberry walnut rolls!
 The sister on the far right fixed a full course meal for us!
 She was baptized only 18 months ago!
 The elders wanted more peanut butter chocolate chip bars, so I brought them a ton!
 The last time I took a picture of this cute boy was when he was only one years old!
Two years ago, the counselor in the branch presidency took us snorkeling with his tour agency:
 This year we signed up for a real adventure!
 Back out to the quaint island he frequents:
 This young woman self-contacted me, and expressed interest in the gospel!
 Gearing up!
 WOW! President has been wanting to do this all his life!
 Oh man, in my youth I actually learned to eat thee. Not saying I liked them!
 President's favorite was the abalone!
 It's so beautiful out here, we have to plan to come back!
Taking in fireworks for FHE:
One last photo in front of Penghu's Rainbow Bridge before hurrying back to their apartment!

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